Dow Jones Elliott Wave & Gann Analysis (24/01/2011)

Please feel free to come join my network: This is my interpretation using Technical Analysis and Elliott Wave Theory to look at fin…

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8 thoughts on “Dow Jones Elliott Wave & Gann Analysis (24/01/2011)

  1. a down trend till 8728 can be expected as it is the .618% Retracement of the Entire Bull run from 6500 levels……

    Then it can take Wave 3 Upside from 8728 to all time highs…..

  2. Thank you max, this is very interesting. I have been anticipating a correction for a while tbh and am surprised to see us over 12k. All the news is positive at the moment, which usually indicates a stock market dip. I will watch with interest if your 12130 prediction comes true. Cheers.

  3. Yes the trend line from wave 2 to 4 is of course more signifcant. I persoanlly think it is more likely to be a tripple zigzag to form an internal wave B of (B) (this was my view months ago also, but it has gone higher than I expect, perhaps making a running flat rather the zigzag I was watching out for).

    Today’s action takes us back up towards my Gann target of 12130! If we see a major peak in this area… I will be diving head first into Gann’s books haha 🙂

  4. Great to see you back Max and thanks for the analysis video, interesting stuff.

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