Global Race In Bank Fraud

Watch the full Keiser Report E367 here In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss UK Prime Minister Dav…

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25 thoughts on “Global Race In Bank Fraud

  1. Doesn’t matter. Just buy silver every month want to shut down the so called industrial, commercial and financial capitalistic imperlistic oligarchic mentality of global domination. We as a earth bound civilization have the power.

  2. Yes !! Max (≧∇≦*) You are the trasher who can clean all finance maniac in the world !

  3. Yes, lets defend bankers and while we are at it lets give child molesters, Catholic Priest child molesters, and murders a hero award for not being concerned with law and morality.
    Our government needs a gold award for being on the side of criminals also.

  4. I’d rather be afraid that her humongous butt already developed it’s own gravitational field and I might get sucked into one of her “black holes” : (

  5. yeah and u wouldn’t want to go near her ass cos its got flames and horns around it with a Swastika flying high

  6. of course Cameron is going to say that. He’s not going to side with the ‘bank bashers’ that would be even more stupid his pockets would stop getting their regular re-fill

  7. Damage control by Camron. What a twist, with the current problems he would be better off buying lead to protect or offing himself! F’n pile of. Hope he Tries the first of the two. lol Good luck!

  8. I love RT for providing clear and truthful remarks and reporting. Thank you RT

  9. hmmm, no I’d be happy for max to continue bank bashing for another 25 yrs …. its gonna take that long to get the msg thru to successive governments that fraud is still a criminal offence whether ur a bankster or not.

  10. The jewish Rothschilds own UK.
    Just like the jewish Bernanke owns US.

  11. I can’t believe that no love was given to my home country – the US of A… We lead the world in sketchy bank deals and such. C’mon – at least give mad props to the SEC and DOJ for letting all of our banking criminals go free.

  12. This will not solve the problem. Only a circulating monetary system will end the whole mess. The 1% will hate it because they’ll lose their power but everyone else will profit of a stable monetary system which adjusts with the economic growth but doesn’t require exponential economic growth.

  13. pushing the UK?
    What about each of every country in europe!?
    It’s the same pattern everywhere!! Greek politicians tell the same lies with german and english! nothing diffrent!

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