Managing Financial Investments Managing Financial Investments Profitable investing does not stop with picking sound investments. Getting into a good investment is one thing but managing financial investments is another. Managing financial investments requires a broad view of the intent and purpose of each investment. Managing financial investments also requires continual attention to each and every investment in your portfolio. While getting into a good investment may require a broad survey of penny stock to large cap stocks, managing financial investments requires that you follow the rate of return on investment of your penny stocks and all others. It requires that you stay abreast of the fundamentals and market sentiment that made your stock purchase a good deal in the first place. In today’s stock market, buy and hold can be a fatal strategy. An excellent example is Microsoft which gave its original investors more than a thousand fold return on initial investment. Today the stock pays a nice dividend but no longer promises to grow in multiples of its current value. Profitable Asset Management The long term goals of most successful investors are to preserve capital and then to beat the rate of inflation. Long term investors look for value in stocks, real estate, offshore investments, interest bearing vehicles, and even tangle assets such as gold bullion. Managing financial investments so as to preserve capital and grow a portfolio can be a constant balancing act. As

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