WD Gann: The Lessons of Markets & History: Part 2

WD Gann: The Lessons of Markets & History Times and Seasons in the markets. There’s a repetitive nature to the events of both Markets and History. Though each period of time has it’s own unique flavorings, clothing and technologies, Human Beings tend to act the same way in response to events. WD Gann wrote often of History and learning from it’s Lessons. Gann studied the histories of Commodities, Stocks, Wars and discerned certain repetitive cycles from History. Mr. Gann learned many secrets about the nature of Markets and the repetitive cycles of Time. Enough to predict stock & commodity prices as well as years of rising prices, peaks years, low price years and more. Unfortunately, the secrets that Mr. Gann knew were lost in his passing back in 1956 over 50 years ago Fortunately, some of this previously lost knowledge has been re-discovered. Including some entirely new & highly accurate means of predicting Markets & Time Cycles This is a great opportunity for those who are willing to look ahead, to get a good glimpse into the future our past is shaping for us. Join the Money Tigers Group for FREE to read more of this post and in this series as well as about the new technology for analyzing markets at www.money-tigers.com
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