OANDA fxTrade – iPad Forex Trading App

fxtrade.oanda.com Trade forex on all major currency pairs, popular exotic crosses, and 4 precious metal pairs. Tap any chart or currency pair to execute a trade. Swipe through charts and graphs in portrait or landscape views. Dock your iPad to use the app as a ticker display. Learn more: fxtrade.oanda.com Download now: itunes.apple.com
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26 thoughts on “OANDA fxTrade – iPad Forex Trading App

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  7. I wanna know why the hell till now there is not ONE real MT4 for ipad or any of the other tabs out there? It pisses me off cuz idont use my laptop anymore after buying a tablet and i carry it around with me everywhere…

  8. unfortunately i quit oanda long time ago…due to extreme poor connectivity. Perhaps i suspected that our government have find a way to block the people here to connect with forex trading platform. Thats just my guess. Or OANDA platform simply not good enough.

  9. OANDA fxTrade mobile platform is available on iphone, Blackberry, and Android:

  10. @ OANDA
    What it needs is: a switch to optionally link all 4 charts together to one currency pair for fast overview in timeframes
    SMA, EMA, WMA and Bollinger Bands
    longer chart hiystories
    pinch to zoom in/out in charts
    trading right in the chart with simple select

  11. Zoom in/out using multitouch on the graphic wuld be nice ,allsow beeng abel to se the history of a pair that is older than 1 year ,at least on the iPhone version it is not posibel

    sory for the bad english ,hop you understud what i ment 🙂

  12. lol at 1:05 He closes a trade for a 40 pip profit, but I’m more interested in the two above it. one is for 649 profit, and another is for 468 loss! I know it’s a demo video, but that’s kinda funny.

  13. Dear Oanda staff,

    Please note that in Iphone app of Oanda on game mode at the third trade, the trade page goes blank, sometimes 1 trade is left, randomly.

    I am in game mode waiting for my money to be credited into my account. As you understand this bug worries me a lot….

  14. We are currently collecting user feedbacks to improve our iPad app.  We will take your suggestions into consideration for the future updates. Cheers!

  15. great oanda released a forex ipad app…

    We’ll have a closer look to its functions during the next days

    thank you

  16. To Oanda

    There is no 30mins and 1hr timeframe?? Thats very weird.
    No plan to include ??

  17. The current java platform for desktop always popup and showing potential dangerous if using it.?? Is this bugs, real virus/trojans, or error?

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