Stock Market Trends Mid-Week Update 7/20/11 (CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REPORT) Here is your mid-week update.
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9 thoughts on “Stock Market Trends Mid-Week Update 7/20/11

  1. Don’t do something stupid like think you are getting the entire picture by just watching my videos on YouTube. All the action takes place on Twitter. Videos take hours to produce, tweets a few seconds. Also, the Guerilla Stock Trading portfolio is on my blog and updates in real time all open and closed positions so you can follow that if you don’t like Twitter.

  2. Right. I agree. The market action does suggest that. Also, the amount of treasuries being bought also suggests that.

  3. Apparently, taking the initiative to do something like that is too hard for some people.

  4. VIX is calculated “by averaging the weighted prices of SPX puts and calls over a wide range of strike prices”. In otherwords, the amount of puts that are bought you stupid sh*t.

  5. Hey dumba** I was talking about in my video. Why would you continue adding up SKF and FAZ? You’re just proving how right I was to sell these for a -1.5% and -2% loss back on Monday when the market moved against my position. As far as calling my viewers stupid, if the shoe fits wear it. If it doesn’t, then it wasn’t meant for you. In your case, I was obviously spot on target.

  6. It looks like Wall Street believes that the debt ceiling will be raised and that the republicans will get most of the concessions. That is the conclusion I have come to this morning. With the risk of a Moody’s downgrade of US debt at ‘any moment’ the big guys of wall street(maybe the top 2% and the top 20%) think they have won.
    A lot of people and some Tea Party Legislators, like Backman, say they will not raise the debt ceiling. They DO NOT understand the consequences?
    What is driving market

  7. SKF and FAZ the “Two Awesome New Stock Picks” you recommended on Monday (-4.49% and -7.02% respectively since your recommendation). By the way since we’d want to see/follow the institutions, is there anyway to find out how often in the recent years the institutions beat the market? Calling your viewers/customers stupid over the internet doesn’t seem to be very smart business practice. My recommendation: try less beef in your diet and avoid Wendy’s (remember you are what you eat).

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