Pivot Point Day Trading strategy kept simple!

Intra Day Pivot Point trading strategy as used by Floor, Institutional and experienced traders. FREE 14 day trial here www.paconsulting.net.au One of many features that are calculated automatically in JBL Risk Manager – Money Risk Management trading software for traders and investors. Short Selling now also included in trial. Now available: Multiple Portfolios, Stock Split Adjustments, preset Brokerage fees including % and provision to select either short or medium term trading or long term investing. 14 day FREE evaluation now available. Now also incorporates Van Tharp performance values. Please trial the program today at www.paconsulting.net.au Trial now also available to valued Equis clients at www.paconsulting.net.au/uploads/setup.EQ.exe
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15 thoughts on “Pivot Point Day Trading strategy kept simple!

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  2. Somehow I doubt floor traders are using a special kind of pivot points. Otherwise normal pivots wouldn’t have any real use in any market.

  3. Interesting setups, keep in mind it is not the only setup you can look at other patterns below or under a pivot point. Also watch for momentum divergence and candle formation because it can tell us how strong or weak that pivot level. I would highly recommend using weekly pivot on 4h charts. It is how many successful traders trade. Peace!

  4. maybe I should have paid closer attention to the video but I’m wondering if you can use your R1 and R2 as support levels if the stock is trading above these levels.

  5. I like pivots.. but I like how price action will give you the s/r levels a little more consistently..

  6. I have now over 20 users in India and another trader in Mumbai. Program is now available from Equis International

  7. I saw an ascending triangle formation before the breakout where it crossed Pivot point, R1 and R2.

  8. No, He has a sleepy and rather sexy voice … that is. I like the way he talks, confirmed, positive and very profound. Not shrieking like some of those who hit your ear-drums.

  9. You will see that the strategy is based on a 5 minute chart, labelled on top of example but please consider JBLRM for your longer term trading


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