Charles Nenner : 30 Year Inflation Cycle Coming Up

Charles Nenner ; Cycle Research and How does it Affect the Stock Market President and CEO of Cycle Forecaster Inc., Charles Nenner publishes financial markets, stocks, and economic predictions. “I would say I’m almost never wrong…If I’m wrong, maybe wrong by a day.” — Charles Nenner Charls Nenner: CNBC Video (February 3, 2009) topic of discussion; Cycle Forecasting: A Unique Way of Predicting the Markets,Many of Charles Nenner’s recent media appearances also appear on the site, including: CNBC, Bloomberg, WSJ and Fox, as well as several blogs and newspapers. Stocks to Bottom This Week: Charles Nenner By Jeff Macke | Breakout — Mon, Jun 25, 2012 12:57 PM EDT Last March with the S&P500 over 1400 Charles Nenner came on Breakout and told viewers not to chase stocks, lest they be exposed to a correction of 10 – 15% over the next few months. Three months later stocks are coming off a correction of almost exactly 10%, sparing those who listened to Nenner quite a bit of pain. With stocks bonds and gold careening between hope and greed every few days Nenner updated his views and price targets for each of the Big Three. Stocks Having been true to his word and taken money off the table in stocks 3 months ago, Nenner is looking to start getting long again this week. Focused on cycles and momentum Nenner sees a cyclical low coming in the next few days. He’s a buyer anywhere from 1280 to 1230 on the S&P 500 but cautions those who are looking for a chance to buy and hold profitably
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12 thoughts on “Charles Nenner : 30 Year Inflation Cycle Coming Up

  1. I you know youre enthusistic and that’s fine but as the saying goes, believing is for fools 😉 think about it

  2. 22:30 we checked the cycles of 3,000 years … it’s a lot of work

    (can I see the data from Babylon that you refer to?)

  3. 16:30 two “amazing” examples of “in the box” and “out the box” thinking!

  4. it’s good entertainment, but Charles is unfortunately what klaman_r said in his comment

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