GOLD rally is for SUCKERS

Max Keiser talks to Stacy Herbert about the next gold rally when it triggers panic buying at 2000$ /oz recorded on October 17th 2009
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25 thoughts on “GOLD rally is for SUCKERS

  1. Gold and silver have to be mined. Gold and Silver have value as electical condcutors and other uses. Paper money is printed when someone cuts down renewable trees and flip a swicth on a printing press.

  2. Silver would appear to be the best deal when you consider its ratio to gold and its current price ($40/ounce), i’ve seen alot of these little stores saying “we buy gold” but i havent seen 1 yet saying “we buy Silver” I guess the masses havent caught onto Silver yet!

  3. Bull shit. Sure the dollar weakened but gold buys more stocks, more oil, more bonds, more real estate, more food. Gold is up 400% over the last 10 years. Sure the dollar is down, but not nearly by 400%

  4. Right on. And that’s not even considering the fact that the stock market was in a secular bull market between 1983-2000, while gold was in a secular bear between 1980-2002. Now that the trends have reversed, I expect gold’s gains to far outstrip AVERAGE stock gains for quite some time.

  5. @gtq838 you cant look to the past, you must be forward thinking with your investments. what happens when inevitably gold becomes “money” when the chinese back their currency with gold. central bankers have an agenda. soon enuff u wont have to hoard gold since you will be able to “lend” it to a bank and make gold debit purchases electronically.

  6. as an inflation ajusted price gold would have doubled in price since 1975. which mean it paid a yield of exactly 2% keeping up with inflation doesn’t count as profit. Even at no inflation adjusted prices and with gold being over priced substatially at the moment you would have achieved around $8000 in a savings bond. I think everybody knows thats a bad investment. even the average historical yields on 1 year cds beat gold at this inflated price.

  7. Actually had you put $1000 into gold in 1975 you’d have over $9000 worth now. That would be guaranteed by the way – you wouldn’t have to worry about your fund going bust or anything… OTOH how many investments have delivered a consistent 10% p.a. for 35 years!?!?! Even a consistent 6%???

  8. holding on to vast amounts of cash is no better than gold. holding on to gold is stupid to though. If you were to invest say $1000 into an ira in 1975 it would now be worth about 8700 assuming you only got 6% return on investment which is horrible most iras yield more in the 10% range which would be nearly 28000. gold on the other hand you would be at around 2000.

  9. Why does this guy recommend actually keeping dollars.

    You realize that gold isn’t actually going up? The dollar is going down.

    And you just suggest keeping a currency that might fail rather than gold which might back the next currency that will replace the Dollar and will be in extreamly high demand.

    This guy seems to be a little off.

  10. What is the per ounce price of tungsten these days? Apparently its much higher than anyone thought. On his recent emergency visit to China Obama tried to tell them its equal to gold but somehow I don’t think they bought into his plan. It will be very interesting if the shorts can’t drive gold prices down for option expiry next week. What will they do. Billions upon billions at risk.

  11. Wouldnt raising rates be the same as deciding that suddenly they want to value the national debt in number terms in Euro? Why strengthen a currency when the only way to meet obligations is the printing press? Wouldnt high inflation be better for tax revenue- for all of the spending on social sec, wars, healthcare.  Why would they suddenly look out for savers. At least while gas is below 7$, rememeber they promote green cars.

  12. Not possible. Volker raised rates to something like 18% Even 5% would collapse the entire debt ridden economy. The US government wants to float the dollar lower to make their debt level more manageable. But they are risking a run on the dollar. Volker was from another era. There was no debt crisis in 1980.

  13. I guess you could put your money in Euros but I’d mine rather put mine in gold.

  14. The gold bull market started around 2001. Since then gold has quadrupled in US dollar terms. Gold will continue to outperform paper for the forseable future. And the best gains are to be had in the gold stocks since they are leveraged to the increasing price. You should also buy energy because that’s a major input cost for gold miners. Uranium looks poised for a huge run.

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