Stock Market Bear Strategies 3 Go into Cash Regent Investing

If you are loosing money in 2 or more positions go into cash. This way you can think clearly. Then build a Balanced Account.
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10 thoughts on “Stock Market Bear Strategies 3 Go into Cash Regent Investing

  1. Yes We are Shorting AAPL,F,GM, MER,C,DIS,DIA,and QQQQ. If you order the Short List I can send you the actual positions- because I use a hedge and I never use margin. Send me private message.

  2. Yes. I just wish people would balance their account especially in this bear market. Try it, you won’t be so leveraged but you will survive and you cant get whipped out. Believe it…

  3. Okay Call your broker on the phone and tell him that you want to Short AAPL, at the market. Minimum 100 shares to Short. You now make money when AAPL goes down and loose the money when it goes up. It’s good to know how to do it in RL. When you are long a stock, you gain the dividend. When you are Short a stock you have to Pay the Dividend, if any, when it pays. AAPL does not pay a dividend though. It can be very exhilarating to Short your first stock.

  4. I did not realize how mixed up I was on my account until today when I talked to you.

  5. I’d agree.. After today. I need to go into cash. Stop the losses now.. Thanks..

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