Black Monday, Again

Black Monday, Again.Stephen Whiteside takes a short term look at the major North American Indexes with a focus on the commodity sectors, including Gold, Energy and Uranium. economic collapse, dollar devaluation, stock market meltdown, panic zone, deflation, federal reserve, bailout, ron paul, gold, gold stocks, commodities, silver, inflationary depression fiat currency
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3 thoughts on “Black Monday, Again

  1. Noose from singapore : Female banker looses $90000 from just 2days 06 to 07/10/08 from her personal investments.
    Question is how did her clients react if their shares have huge drop? Ha and they keep telling me to stay calm cause it will recover blah blah blah. Lucky me i caught an australian econmist saying sell now cause there is going to be a crash and i did and HE SAVED ME. Thanks alot mate.

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