Prepare For Euro Collapse Says Bank of England- 1st Dec 2011

Mervin King, the Governor of the Bank of England today gave his most serious warning to UK banks to prepare for a sudden Euro collapse. Mervin King has told banks to immediately prepare for the effect of the collapse. Never before has Mervin King given such a stark warning to UK banks, which could mean that the collapse will happen within a very short time period.
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23 thoughts on “Prepare For Euro Collapse Says Bank of England- 1st Dec 2011

  1. RESTORE confidence: can you spent all your money and have confidence for bright future I mean This news and economic system of Europe and USA is fucked in the ass. REVOLUTION is needed in USA this time all politicians, bankers MEDIA bullshit spreaders owners need to be shaved bold and sent to work camps.

  2. RESTORE confidence: SPAIN spent Hundreds of billions of EUROS on building houses and apartment buildings , Greece borrow and spent Billions of Euros on pensions and pay military too.  RESTORE confidence stupid political fuckers all need to be shaved BOLD and sent to work camps.

  3. Watch “OH CANADA OUR BOUGHT AND SOLD OUT LAND” youtube /watch?v=UbACCGf6q-c



    If only a small percentage of Canadians transfered their money out of the banks it will have a devastating EFFECT on the entire Canadian system. PROTECT your money from DEVALUATION and acquire “PHYSICAL OWNWERSHIP” of Silver, Gold etc. STOP DIRECT DETPOSITS, GET OUT OF PAPER! BANK RUN NOW IN SPAIN!

  4. Does the ground not yield minerals? Do the the crops in the fields not grow? Do the cattle not provide us with meat? Are the people of this country not capable of working?

    Why are we prisoners to money? Money is supposed to facilitate trade but now it prevents it. We need a revolution…

  5. Oh no someone said that the bankers might have to stop paying themselves bonuses. It must be bad. Anyone with half a clue worked this out a long time ago and it all seems to be coming true. Storm clouds brewing!

  6. “Banks should stock up on capital” the problem is that they have no capital. It is a bit like say to someone that is starving to stock up on food

  7. ***▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬­­­­­­▬▬▬▬▬▬***

    This is a message from your GOD; All hail the Global Elite and bow

    to your King Rothschild. You are a Corporate Owned number in the financial system, A Taxpaying Deathslave of the Corrupt Liberal and

    Manipulating Banking system.

    But You Are Free,

    To Do as you are told to do,

    Pay, Believe, Work and dont sit around all day and watch the skies

    Now live your Life as you are told To or face the consequences.


  8. “I was asked once, you’re a smart man why aren’t you rich? I replied: you’re a rich man why aren’t you smart?”

  9. We! The people in europe are lost and damned. Actually the whole world is lost and damned war with iran is going to happen. Gentlemen and woman we are FUCKED!!

    And its all americas fault!! Stupid ignorant government wants everything for therselfs!

  10. Its the Hegelian Dialect or (Problem, Reaction, Solution). Engineer a crisis which will generate a reaction then offer the solution. & the ‘solution’ is usually something that couldn’t of passed through the people vote. Same shit in US, allow/cause terror attack, then pass Patriot Act which in another attack suspends constitution & gives president dictatorial powers. A draconian law that never would of passed without 911. Governments lie, every single one of them.

  11. BANK RUN -TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO WEST INDIES, REPUBLIC BANK, ROYAL BANK, FIRST CITIZEN BANK and SCOTIABANK thousand of customers simultaneously withdraw all their funds, because they believe that the banks might go into bankruptcy, and for fear of the bank becoming insolvent and that they the customer, will lose all their money.people are putting their money in smaller credit union banks or keeping it at home.

  12. The mayans predicted a “New Age” in December 2012.
    This time next year there is going to be significant changes.
    A New World Order? If the global economic collapse has been planned then it is the problem.
    Then the elite will see the reaction and then they will offer the solution – a global currency?
    We shall see…

  13. I made a list of predictions at the start of this year and said that the Euro will collapse just in time for 2012.
    First the Euro will collapse and then the Dollar.
    There will be mass protests and riots in the streets in 2012 due to anger and frustration because of these hard times.
    There will be war with Iran early next year too.
    It’s all happening folks!
    Doom for 2012.

  14. The Unites States are nuts to keep giving money to the junkies. What can one junkie give another junkie? Better crack?

  15. I agree that in the uk we are generous in giving to the needy, but i stress that the NEEDY ARE NOT the bankers. We are to give 500 billion to europe on top of what we already give, in order to bail out ITALY and their banks. We should stop giving the money to europe. START manufacturing our own products again, and start again like iceland. Pull the rug on europe people this merrigoround has to stop as is getting faster and more expensive the longer we sit on it.

  16. Yeah, it’s all planned and we see David Cameron trying to look sincere. He’s having a right laugh behind closed doors with all his Globalist Satan worshipping pals and masters. Good luck by the way, may you and your family survive the living Hell thats coming real soon.

  17. Well the shits gona hit the fan, and when the euro collapses, the dollar will 3 weeks later ! and when that goes get ready for a riot in a town near you!

    get food now while you can 3 months worth for everone one of you family, while its cheap………. RECEARCH ….NEW WORLD ORDER PLANNED collapse.
    GET SMART …NOW!!!!

  18. …horrors that lurk around the corner…” Sarcozy making up with Merkel” ?XD

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