Peter Baxster, Long-Wave Economic Cycles and Debt Forgiveness on The Byte Show

GeorgeAnn Hugheshas a fascinating conversation with Peter Baxster. Peter has worked in the securities industry for over twenty five years serving as a broker, investment banker and consultant in many areas of the capital markets. While in college at Georgia State University in the early 1980′s he was introduced to the K-Winter proposition and found it as much endearing as it was confounding. Perhaps his unusual interest was grounded in the extreme cycle pivot then underway at the time, one that ushered in the demise of hard commodity assets to paper assets that gave way to the longest and strongest bull market in history for stocks. He surmised that economic cycles really did matter and pondered the timing and magnitude of the next reversal. (Taken From Peter’s WebSite). GeorgeAnn speaks with him about Kondratieff waves, Elliot Wave, economic seasons, economic analysis, banking policy, stock markets, debt accumulation, ancient systems for managing the vast accumulation of debt, Jubilee year, the European Union, EU, Euro and makes some fascinating predictions for the coming eight years as we transition from Kondratieff Winter into Kondratieff spring. Why is the current economic recession different from the ones that took place in 2001, 1990, and 1981? Is it possible that “long-wave” cycles are deepening the current economic crisis? You’ll never look at the economy the same way again. Email: WebSite: If this sound

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