Stock Market Forecast For Trading Week Of January 9 2012 (CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REPORT) All eyes are going to be on Monday, which ends the First Five January Barometer.

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11 thoughts on “Stock Market Forecast For Trading Week Of January 9 2012

  1. Thank you for your blessings. You can trade VXZ like an ETF but actually it’s an ETN. Yes, you can buy both calls and puts on it and you should be able to short it.

  2. bless your soul Lance…learn every time a trick or two here…this VXZ futures can i go long and short just like normal futures ? or is there a counter to VXZ in opposite direction ?

    kind rgds ..jay

    does it

  3. thanks Bud……will have a go at Dis ……hope we can

    eat that pussy in paradise if the next cuuple of weeks pan out……cheers Lance….jay

  4. CAT isn’t bad. But if you want stronger uptrending stocks on the Dow you’ll want to look at Disney (DIS), Home Depot (HD), Chevron (CVX), General Electric (GE), and McDonald’s (MCD)

  5. I’d say the problem he has isn’t gold, and it isn’t leverage. So he likes gold and leverage. That’s the mustard and mayo on the sandwich of life. The problem is, that’s all he’s got on his f*cking sandwich. So basically he’s eating dog sh*t. Sort of like these dog sh*t republican candidates we’re all suppose to choose from.. All we’re doing is picking out the d*ck that’s going to f*ck us.

  6. But what if you’ve leveraged everything you own to fill your basement with gold and the only way you can get through the day without eating a bullet is to say gold has decoupled from the dollar?

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