[Day Trading Software] Options Trade $5100 4 Minutes!

www.StockMarketFunding.com [Day Trading Software] Trade 00 4 Minutes! Learn Options Trading Secrets Making Money Trading 00 4 Minutes. SMF Traded 30 contracts of the 0 Google Put Option entry at 9 at .40 and an exit at 9:38 at .10 for 00 gross trading profits. Verifiy…
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15 thoughts on “[Day Trading Software] Options Trade $5100 4 Minutes!

  1. For the average person looking to get started trading you’re welcome to call us at 702-685-0772 or sign up for the free trial in the description of the video.

  2. Most larger companies have options, the volume varies depending on liquidity and interest in the underlying name. 2.5M we’ve seen that many contracts trade in a day but it’s very rare. Hope that helps.

  3. hey all, i’m a beginner so thanks for answering this question: are there are many options to trade with (quantity-wise) per stock, as in is there volume involved in options trading? like say, you have stocks that are traded in a volume of 2.5M etc. is that so as well in the options market? thx! 🙂

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