Stay Short – Ignore any New Buy Signals 20120530

Stay Short, and ignore any new Buy Signals generated on Tuesday. Use yesterday’s highs as your new Line in the Sand. While stocks moved higher on Tuesday, we did not see any money come out of bonds or the USD to confirm any new was starting. And we saw more money come out of commodities. The Risk Off Trade is still the dominant trade. Big reversal for Gold on Tuesday, still looking for a breakout of the recent range. 1593.75 on the upside, and 1531.25 on the downside. -Stock Market Timing Newsletter – Start your trading day off on the right foot, with Stephen Whiteside’s Stock Market Timing Television. This free daily video newsletter focuses on the major Indexes and ETF’s, as well as the US Dollar, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Precious Metals including Gold and Silver.
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