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24 thoughts on “ADVFN | Real Time Online Stock Quotes | Clem Chambers | ADVFN

  1. Clem Chambers in this video says that the credit crunch is over by 2011, and that the markets would rally ‘hard’ in 2011.

    Look at the FTSE in 2011. The complete opposite of rallying.

    Not saying Clem Chambers is a nutter, he isn’t in fact he knows his stuff. Just goes to show, no expert can predict what the markets are going to do, and that everyone should not listen to what everyone else is predicting.

    Please like to show others!

  2. @bbddvck
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  4. Very good video. Clem spoke with confidence and seemed to have good knowledge of the topic.

  5. It is nice hearing a positive economic outlook for a change. Let’s hope he’s right and we see a big rally come up soon….

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