Online Stock Options Trading – How to Earn 11K a Month Trading Options watch the video above to see a real money example of how option traders are making upwards of 000 a month while the stock market is falling in price! Finally! A simple, easy to understand, and step-by-step way to learn options trading: Also, be sure to check out our channel Your habits are the only true thing that can make you rich:
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17 thoughts on “Online Stock Options Trading – How to Earn 11K a Month Trading Options

  1. Though I know about stock trading little, I am new to option trading and if this video helps me attain the goal and nothing to say except thanks

  2. But I’m also a option fan, I love the leveraged effect which can be very profitable if uses correctly and yes if you invest reckless like a fool, it’s a garanteed failure. I totally agree that options has lots and lots of oppurtunities!

  3. Those are, indeed, fundamental habits you need to have in order to have succes on the long run. Every (option) trader makes money and looses, but it’s all about the ones who can maximize their profits and minimize their losses the most. It’s like the government, they spend more than they earn, they are doomed on the long run to fail (read “The Real Crash” why). With options you can also play into this and still make a fortune when markets break.

  4. Options are just a tool. What we teach is that your habits are the only thing that can make you rich. read this report to see what we believe:

    (It’s the special report link in the description field)

    Essentially the habit of spending less than you earn and investing the difference has created more millionaires than options trading 🙂

  5. But I agree with the potential of trading options, which can be (included the risks) a better way to achieve your financial goals than stocks if risk management is tight on your portefolio.

  6. The content of your vids is basically great but I think you give an impression that trading options will make you rich garanteed. Trading options is a leveraredged way of making more (or less) money on the fluctuations of the underlying asset (excluding other factors). When this is the case most of the people were millionaires. Of course trading options can bring you much much quicker to your financial goals but there’s always the risk you loose it, which is with options greater than stocks.

  7. Nah I don’t believe that. I believe in abundance. There is plenty of money and trades to go around.

  8. These are just the summary videos. The main course is on our main website. It’s free and it teaches you options from start to finish so I’d advise you to go there as that should help.

  9. It’s hard to understand all this. All I’m basically doing is watching all these vid.

  10. hi, im new at this, my question is can you sell the option trade contracts to other stocks like nasdaq? and if you can is it a good idea? and what is the diffrence between calls and puts? thanks for the videos i seen them all and its been helping me alot. thanks

  11. Hi Travis, obviously not many people are trading in options, most of the traders trade in “normal” stocks with ROI’s average about 10-20 % / year. Isn’t it that when people MASSIVELY go trade in options and other (extremly) potential profitable possibilities like Pennystocks and others, there is at one point no more money, or not as much to be made because they “suck out” all of the leverage?

  12. Yes I know…we’ve been busy phasing out our coaching program so we can focus on current students.

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