Trading Short-Term — Stock Market Investment (10)

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6 thoughts on “Trading Short-Term — Stock Market Investment (10)

  1. Master I startes trading with 400 and I am up to 1650, but shares below one dollar are very volatile and the fees are too high however it take money to make money, I am hopping to be $4500 up by next month following your instructions it shouldnt be difficult however there is a greater risk present but its fun and adorable to see my portafolio growing but at time my heart beeps too fast jeje

  2. When I started out with little money and inexperienced, penny stocks seemed attractive. However, penny stocks mean the company is worthless. Do you want to take a risk with a worthless company? No! I’d rather buy a rich company whose stocks are beaten down. There are tons of them right now. Remember quality!

  3. You wont make money with shares unless you have a verry good financial advisor who has very good conections with the core decision makers, and extremely good financial skills, Shares wont make you money over the long term, they can disapear, without a trace. Companies can take your shares and place more on the market.

  4. You are absolutely right! When you buy shares, you are just buying a mirror image which is not real stuff. However, if that can help you make money, would you like to try? Many people would.

  5. Dont buy shares, it is the machines way of sucking out of the system any excess money. It is the same as going to the horses, it is gambeling. Another thing when you buy a share you get a piece of paper, when you buy a house you get bricks, plaster, roof etc.

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