Secret 5 Forex when to buy & when to sell (2/3)

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13 thoughts on “Secret 5 Forex when to buy & when to sell (2/3)

  1. Secret to profitable trade on Forex! Profit 150-200 % at month! (RU) (EN)
    Trade Strategy LSFA BS (Banking system)! Always pleased to help!
    Respectfully yours,
    Vladimir Anatolievich.

  2. Helo sir,my name is gautam i am from india,i had a loss of $1200.After watching your video i won 3 trades of large amount consecutively i want thank you.. 🙂 GUYZ IT REALLY WORKS

  3. @sqwnvkf
    I’m making about 3200 pips a month. You just need a better system. I’ve tried them all, narrowed it down to one extremely powerful technique. This video explains it all >>

  4. Hi,first of all i would like to thank you for all your videos,by looking at your videos i am suggessting that a person will at least make 80% or more profit.The way you have presented all your videos are just excellent!,i hope you upload more videos soon,once again thank you for your very helpful videos.

  5. Question… If the trend is headed down and you buy it while it higher how do you make profit?

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