Silver +20% in 1 month. BULL market time. Monday 11/7


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26 thoughts on “Silver +20% in 1 month. BULL market time. Monday 11/7

  1. Hey Karl, just wanted to ask you what brokerage firm you use to purchase etfs? Etrade? Ameritrade? I’m new at this and any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

  2. Ok. Where do I buy paper silver? I only hold physical. But, I want to try everything. People trash talk the paper silver/gold. But, all I see is people making money.

  3. stop listening for sure right after SLV talk, heres why your wrong at 3:44 bc the slv whatever you think your gonna make on it wont be there they are 100 times over sold physical silver. the webbots are forecasting the ‘rich riots’ when even the rich ppl get taken in this new system. so your agruement holds on water. hope you dont really believe what your saving. your not gonna be out of slv quick enough and you still dont own it, so it wont matter

  4.  Italy is another issue that everyone is now worried about. Until the trends break down I will stay optimistically bullish.
    This gun is a Pistol so there is no stock. They installed an endplate that has a sling attachment off to the side to match the front loop attachment point. But that’s not the best for shoulder pushaway firing.
    I will do a video when it’s ready. Thanks.

  5. This morning sure wasn’t Bully. I wouldn’t ever attempt to make the calls you guys make but then again I’m not ballin like you either. That’s probably a good thing. lol. You’ve got balls of steel. Let us know when those P556 accessories become available for purchase. Will the rear swing pin still function if you keep the collapsible stock on? Is that maybe why the one you have comes canted to the side?

  6. LOL, you think I don’t know that? All I wanted to point out is I think SLV is a scam and people should stay away from it. Everything else Karl says I agree with. You’re an idiot for posting your comment.

  7. yes,moving into total oligarchy – individuals to families to orgs (groups),to towns, to gvts to oligarchies (huge multi-national stateless corps mixed with puppet governments). What’s after oligarchy? Total breakdown in society and we start over again. This has been history for thousands of years. Rome to today for example. keep buying silver silver long-term. “World is out of silver” day is coming! Sooner than most think. Price then vertical.

  8. I’ve been hearing the crash warning for months now…. Until I see trends breaking down again I’ll leave the conspiracy crash theory’s to just that. I believe what I see and the Trends are all breaking bullish. If we break Nasdaq 2400 which is the 2011 high we tested 4 times already we could see a real push higher.. Time will tell.

  9. I think we are already living under a bunch of douchebags so we might already be in Feudalism times.. lol. Thanks for your input. Good points. 

  10. My original purchases were around 11, 14, 18, 21 and so on.
    This was my latest purchase since the fall from 49. Keep adding….

  11. As long as you can handle the risk associated with being 100% in one asset then I guess that is fine. You are much younger so you have time. Best of luck.

  12. Well if I can buy or sell a stock, ETF or Gold/Silver any time I want then that is a Free enough market. Thanks for your input.

  13. You’re living in denial with your SLV. They call it closed-end and then everything just magically checks out? Yeah… good one. I’ll take my physical instead and avoid SLV like the plague. Now get lost and go play with your paper some more.

  14. I have serious question? I am “all in” physical Silver. There is no situation where Gold and Silver do not rise, so why not try and quadruple my modest portfolio of $10,000. I am twenty years old, and worth the risk would you agree?

  15. naturally like your website but you have to check the spelling on several of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very troublesome to tell the truth nevertheless I will definitely come back again.

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