Many companies, especially when the economy is down, compromise video design with cheap video production. The RV industry has been hit harder than most, but Jayco knew the timing was perfect to not grab market share by contracting with Explore Media for this video design promoting their latest product: the Embark motorhome.
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5 thoughts on “Embark

  1. Probably something your local dealer would have right at their fingertips…use the dealer finder tool and check with them

  2. How about the storage! What size holding tanks are they heated? What other color combos interior / exterior.What’s the MPG Disel or Bio~Disel is the TV digital for 2009 compliance. Turning radius? ????

  3. How about showing the storage!! How much fluids does it carry, are the holding tanks heated, what’s the fuel tanks, what’s the MPG what’s the turning radius.. What other color combo’s?? Propane tanks or tanks ??

  4. They never show “STORAGE” inside or out, or what size refrigerator,A/C Heat Fuel Tank size, Gross Weight or turning radius, or grey water sewage and fresh water size heated or not heated…?????????

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