“Stock Market” Tutorial #6 “Stock Screening”

My financial website is; www.ezfinancialtutorials.com An investor will find the stock screener to be a useful tool for finding a stock or mutual fund which meets his or her requirements. The screener can be set to display stocks with high dividends or high earnings or low P ratios or any of a variety of possibilities. I believe it is necessary for any investor to pay off credit card debt before getting into the market. I do not buy partnerships because of the K-1 tax schedule and the requirement to pay taxes in every state in which the partnership does business. Partnerships often pay very high dividends but for me it is not worth the trouble. “stock screening”
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26 thoughts on ““Stock Market” Tutorial #6 “Stock Screening”

  1. Hi. I am very new to the trading industry and I would really like to see a video on option trading, but not just what the option trading is about, actually a tutorial on how to use it. I really wish I could see how to actually use order type( limit, stop limit, stop,market,) put/call, strike etc..

  2. I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to make these videos. Definitely helped me to get a better understanding of the stock market. I have been meaning to take a closer look into stocks for quite some time now.
    I am currently playing around on this stock market simulation website called Investopedia. Definitely a great tool for beginners to allow them to get their feet wet without any financial risk.
    Thanks again for your unbiased lessons, I really appreciated it.

  3. The Yahoo screener looks different now, I would like to see a video with a new screener look.

  4. @jibdqtg
    You should check my account, I’m at about 420% gain each month. It’s all about the right system. This one will turn things around. This video explains it all > bit.ly/NsY8qx?=wzuegp

  5. I am not sure about how the FTSE stocks are screened, if they are. I agree with you they should be. The screener is a good way to find a few stocks that are right for each individual. Thanks.

  6. Just come across your channel I am getting some very useful information. I really like your slow and steady presentation. Good honest advice, no spin, no B/S trust you will be making more in 2012. I have to ad lib as I am a in the UK on some of the terms etc, pity that the screeners are not applicable for the FTSE in UK. Non plus as to why. Unless you tell me differently.

  7. just graduated with a mktg diploma on my way to a bcom and this video is so inspiring. Thank you for all the valuable info and insight

  8. Thank you. I think now is a good time for a young person to learn about stock investing. Good luck with everything.

  9. I cannot thank you enough for posting these videos and for sharing all your years of experience. It has certainly helped me become more aware of the risks and understand how the stock market works.

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  11. The Board of Directors can change the dividend payment when they meet. I definitely prefer a stock which pays a dividend. There is no guarantee any stock will grow. I buy stocks in companies I think are well managed and which have potential for long term growth and which pay dividends. Thanks.

  12. First of all- love the videos, keep them coming 🙂

     Secondly Do Div yield really matter?
    As far as i understand Div yield only matters if you don’t expect the stock to grow that much (because if the grow potential is higher the Div yield is lower) and you think: well, i won’t lose money on the stock , i won’t gain a lot of money on the stock but at least i will get some money from the Div yield. Also is it true that a company can change the Div yield at any time ?

  13. You should tell is what “book ” you purchased, so the rest of us can avoid it. I suggest if you are serious about investing, learn how to read finacial statements. Also read all of the classics. Here are some: Security Analysis:Benjamin Graham(1934),reminiscences of a stock operator,one up on wall st,bill gross on investing (bonds).

  14. Thank you very much. I do encourage you to go slowly. Good luck with everything in your life.

  15. Sir I have learned more watching 6 of your videos than I have in the first hour of reading this $25 book I just bought. I was lost after the 2nd chapter. Thanks a lot for the videos. I haven’t checked out your website yet but I will be sure to after this.

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