Trading lesson #1 ADX Indicator

This is a trading lesson on the all important ADX indicator. The video lesson shows you how you can use the ADX indicator to determinine whether a stock is trending or stuck in a zigzag sideways trading range.
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7 thoughts on “Trading lesson #1 ADX Indicator

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  2. You explanation is solid. We like using the adx on shorter time periods to capture trends during the day. chris pavelic has been a trader for more than 20 years. we combine adx with price counts to help day traders on his website called failuretotradetheplan.

  3. Hey there! Have you considered the British Box Breakout (do a search on google)? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate made a lot of moolah.

  4. adx crossing red D-from BELOW is the vital entry point
    while green line D+ on top

    jacob vachaparambil

  5. fantastic explanation on a difficult indicator to understand keep up the good work!

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