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Along with press images of the new Dodge Dart, many specifics about the new car’s technical specification were revealed last night, including its dimensions, engine outputs, weight and interior features. Amongst the most eagerly-anticipated details to be revealed in this ‘information dump’ were the Dart’s dimensions, which come in at 4671mm (length), 1829mm (width), 1466mm (height) and 2703mm (wheelbase). Compared to the car it is based on, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, these represent increases of 320mm, 31mm, 1mm and 69mm respectively. Indeed, even taking its US-market focus into account, the Dart is an expansive car, considering its notional ‘compact’ market positioning. It is noticeably lengthier than all its direct rivals, with the closest, the Chevrolet Cruze, some 74mm shorter. Against other models, the difference is even more pronounced — it is 99mm longer than the Toyota Corolla, and fully 167mm longer than the newly-refreshed Honda Civic, with most other rivals falling somewhere between these extremes. To put the Dart’s size wholly in context, in this respect it is more readily comparable to another Alfa Romeo, the D-segment 159, than the Giulietta. Compared to the 159, the Dart is 11mm longer, 1mm wider, 49mm taller, and its wheelbase 3mm longer. It has been speculated this ‘between-segment’ sizing is designed to cover the lack of a replacement for the mid-size Dodge Avenger, with that model scheduled to be killed off in 2013. The manufacturer’s press material
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5 thoughts on “ItaliaspeedTV – 2013 Dodge Dart

  1. It looks very cute. I like it. The wheelbase is about 3mm longer than that of the Lancia Delta (the 3rd gen.). Later on (I guess 2013) the 6 speed auto will be replace by the 9 speed auto gearbox. Many people (Mopar enthusiasts) see the Dart as a successor of the Dodge Neon and not for the not beloved Caliber. They mostly think the loss of the Caliber is no loss.
    People who arguing it’s not worth for the Dart name do not accept that most of the 60ies Dart were /6 bread and butter commuters.

  2. Looks mad wack . It has no balls front week drive this is a blood clod joke .when you think Dart you think 60’s series tires muscle car not neon! Samir man you guy’s really fucked up this one, let me design the next one

  3. Looks a bit too Focus-y, but it’s an improvement over the Avenger and Caliber. The front and rear are nice, but the greenhouse has that weirdness that always comes with taking something that started as a hatchback and turning it into a sedan.

  4. This thing looks like a cross-breed between a Ford Focus and a Chevy Volt. They should have left the Giulietta alone and just brought it over the pond as is. What a disappointment I was looking to buy one of this as my daily driver, but now that I know what it looks like. No thanks. I might just go to Mexico and get me a real Alfa Romeo and bring it back to the states, or keep hoping that next year they will come back to the U.S.

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