7th March 2012 – Slipstream Trader Market Update

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22 thoughts on “7th March 2012 – Slipstream Trader Market Update

  1. Thanks for that. You are right, this was too short a time frame to judge an investor, I will remove the message I made.
    Thanks for reply.

  2. I’ve been with Murray almost two years and the results have been quite the opposite. He is, by far, the best guy to follow. Can I suggest you check your expectations given the volatility of the current market and your short term outlook? Best of luck with that coin toss!

  3. I do think you are dead wrong on going ultra bearish. Right now the market is driven by government regulation playing on their power to influence the free market. Once the market getting into bear territory, new easing or action will drive the market back up. Of course this cannot continue forever, and I do agree we might not see the real recovery going 2 years from now.

  4. What a shame the free updates are unlikely to continue but not suprised.
    Thanks Murray for the previous efforts and all the best. Maybe one day down the track i’ll get the ok to spend some more money on a report like this..

  5. The US market is rigged. Any dip will not last long. I reckon the SP will test 1400 level and then will range trade right through the US Pres election in November.

  6. Murray, are you really sure you thought this through ? I didnt want your specific recommendations but I did join Slipstream as it was the only way to get your generic market advice. There must be many like me that just want a weekly synopsis without all the bells and whistles. I would be happy to pay $200 a year for a watered down version (like you have here) and if half of the 4,585 of the punters who have read your update agree with me., thats another $260,000 a year ! Please reconsider mate

  7. Having been a bit of a tech. analyst over many years, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your weekly missives, Murray, and like ajmckship77, guess its time to subscribe! Just have to arrange the timing alongside the other 3 publications I get!
    Pity TheCisco66 doesn’t appreciate the nuances of what Slipstream is all about (along with the English language.

  8. I don’t really have any shares (just a small stake in an investment club) and so I can’t justify spending money on this service but I have found it quite interesting and educational. Thanks.

  9. You are all a bunch of loosers always waiting for the market to fall, its all scare mongering and i very much doubt any of you made any money as the markets continue to rise.That is all i have heard from slip stream is false breaks LOLThere are many people sprooking doom they work on peoples fear and you pay exubrent prices for there information all you have to understand is the change of trend and not many have that ability but there is 1 or 2 the markets have been up since 1/10/11 good luck

  10. Thanks Murray for your very clear and logical approach, keeping it simple.
    guess its time to subscribe

    don’t forget to have a wee look at Peak Resources massive maiden rare earth JORC

  11. Ah well, you will be missed! Thanks for all you’ve taught me Murray- I’m not a trader, but I know where to go if I start someday ; )

  12. I have been a slipstream subscriber for over 3 months now. It is a worthwhile service which has taught me a lot. Actually a very reasonably priced service.

  13. its a pity for people who are not big traders and just like to see what your predictions are and what your views are.

  14. Totally agree Sonaraye….glad the freebies are no longer available. For those who don’t subscribe – you should get onto it. Murray delivered a 50% return last year with minimal risk in a bloody tough market. Get on it folks – he is brilliant!!!

  15. Murray, I’m glad you’re ceasing the free updates, it makes me feel better about paying your bill every 3 months!

  16. Love your false break advice Murray. Will wait patiently for retracement close to double top then get short. You and Ron Walker are the only people to follow. You are awesome

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